For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the power of photography and the way an image can transport and trans-fix. I used to look through the Sunday Times colour supplement as a child, and I think the magic of that first encounter with the art of the photograph has stayed with me.
I studied T.V. Production in the early 90’s where I shot a lot of black and white film. But my ability to see and hopefully capture a strong image has come from a long career in the design industry. 
I worked for over 20 years at Hallmark Cards PLC starting as a graphic designer then moving into a photography role for the last 9 years Of employment. Currently I'm in a freelance role & I shoot all manner of subjects you can see on my site.
The advent of digital photography has really helped me to develop my own style; I don’t like to over-process my photos but I enjoy being able to control and fine tune the look & feel of an image.
I hope to create pictures that resonate with the viewer and perhaps in a small way share some of the emotion I still feel when I see a great shot.
If you would like any of my images as a print please contact me and I will happily arrange this for you. Although I am limited to the size I can produce.


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